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Why to install E-Blood Donor App

In an age of digital revolution, people are so use to technology for their daily life that they have forgotten that it can also be used to help humanity survive. Arthaay Foundation is on a mission to create opportunities to collaborate Technology with noble causes like blood donation. Time has witnessed many occasions when humanity was hit hard and need to advance medical help was required as need of the hour. Blood donation remains one of the acts which are yet to be collated with technology. Old practice says to come forward and donate blood and it can be banked and used in later times. But it’s only for 45 days.

Donor2Donor a free mobile application has broken that shackles and enabled volunteers to be at a common online platform where needy can find and contact a donor of specific blood group within 50 KMs of need free of cost. It will reduce the pressure of investment (public and private) on banking blood as citizen will be responsible for availability of blood for donation of that area. This free blood donor mobile application can be downloaded and one can become a PROUD e-blood Donor!

What is e-blood donor?

An e-blood donor is a person to whom you can search online and ask him/her to donate blood. Donor2donor is a smart phone application which will help you to search donor near you.

Many times it happens when we are in an urgent need of blood and it is not available anywhere, especially rare blood groups like a-negative, b-negative and the rarest one o-negative. We don’t want that someone lose his/her life due to lack of blood. When you are done by asking your family and friends for blood donation and none of them are available or belong to the same blood group then you can go with this alternative “e-blood donor”. Search the donor of the same blood group near you and ask them if they can help you. You will get a long list of the same blood group donors and we are sure that many of them are ready to help you.

This app would also help to fight with Shortage of Blood and many lives can be saved by live blood donors. This Mobile application is certainly going to help the society with the fulfillment of shortage of Blood. Count of Donors will be increased.