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We're a team committed to connect change-makers and those in need, ultimately making it win-win for a cause.

Arthaay is passionate about using technology to create a better living standard, having said that we are a non-profit organization which believes, we if collaborate this mammoth called technology with that giant cart called "basic life requirements". One can scale heights to ensure the value are passed on with best experience possible.

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Passion of our team

Preeti Rawat

It’s about a great feeling with D2D. Members of D2D team are very Co-operative. If you want to catch the the feeling such as.So Come to Join and Support the Blood donors.
" In order to raise a noble cause it takes a great team, I invite you to be part of our team of smart and aggressive donors who are trying to involve masses to next revolution"

Brahm Inder Singh

A post on facebook won't make you proud for your lifetime. But a donation made through d2d will.
"Donating blood is a proud moment when I tell people, I did via an application, It makes me more proud than ever"

Kavita Raj

This App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand . Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever and  get blood donors  in less than a minute so Join D2D because you are the only hope of someone who is in need of blood . <br> "Power to save lives in your hand and the process is so easy it just feels like to be like a super being"