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Vitamin D deficiency triggers the fallen bone health.

Human body is a complex wonder machine which has everything in proportion and for its proper functioning, a competent fuelling becomes a necessity. Hence, the necessary elements to keep the body working comprises of the derivatives from the fuel which our body absorbs in the forms of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are derived from the food that we intake but with the passage of time, the choices have differed and so does the balance of the essentials in our body, while pushing us towards the regular doctor visitations.

Among many factors in our failing health, the one which has caught the attention of the healthcare industry as well as medical world is an increase in the deficiency of Vitamin D, leading to the rise in the diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, skeletal mineralization effects and the list goes on. Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins which helps in the absorption of the calcium in the body and thus, aids in strengthening our bones and keeping our overall health in balance. Vitamin D is not only important for our bone health but it also plays crucial role in the mental health, building strong immune system, thus lessening the risk of cancers, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, infections, muscle weaknesses, rickets in children and many more.

In spite of such significance, Vitamin D deficiency has been noted to be increasing among children and adults, uninhibitedly. The one of the reason behind such growing deficiency of vitamin D is the less exposure to sunlight which is accounted as one of the major source of the required vitamin. Lack of sunlight exposure of children and adults has added to the woes of this kind of deficiency. Due to change in lifestyle, people tend to go less outside and eventually receive less of the sunlight exposure. This deficiency is turning into a pandemic which has to be tackled down.

There are many sources of vitamin D other than the sunlight which one can include in their diet such as fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, cod liver oil, fortified breakfast cereals, soy milks, juices, egg yolks, cheese, raw milk, mushroom and certainly, the vitamin D supplements to meet the demands of the body but under the medical supervision. The resultant effects of having rich diet filled with vitamin D can help one to have healthy bones and healthy body and keep the bone-related diseases at bay. Steady intake of Vitamin D via. sunlight, a much essential source as well as other supplemental sources must be included in day to day life to inhibit the growing deficiency and for fuller health of young ones as well as adults. Our healthy choices will only determine the course of our life that whether it be filled with regrets of not taking adequate care of body, or with the content of living it hearty and healthy. It’s better to choose now, for it can be late to keep pushing the health for last.