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The UP’s And Down’s of Blood Pressure

The term ‘Blood pressure’ is commonly used in our daily routines. There is nothing new about it, unless the prefixes -‘high’ & ‘low’ joins it and one can see the world going upside down with varied suggested changes, to be undergone to get the blood pressure free from these prefixes. Blood pressure represents the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of arteries. It is considered as a crucial identifier other than the heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate to ascertain the health of the person. The method acknowledged for its ascertainment is with the help of reading of the systolic pressure over the diastolic pressure and is determined in millimeters of mercury (120/80 mmHg). Any significant change in these markers shows the underlying problem of your body and the probability of getting hit by the heart ailment or cardiovascular diseases and many others so forth. The reasons for such change in blood pressure can be brought by the lifestyle choices, diet, disease or medication.

The blood pressure is recognized to be in two ranges other than being normal i..e. 120/80mmHg. Thus, when the blood pressure goes high, it is called hypertension and if it’s low, it is known as hypotension. The major concern has been shown to the growing number of people affected from hypertension. Hypertension or high blood pressure causes the pressure on arteries to increase while the heart is pumping blood into it and thus, the high pressure increases the heart workload, afflicting upon the health of the heart as well as the body. The symptoms of the same can be anxiety attack, nose bleeding, heavy or difficulty in breathing, severe headache or chest pain. Continuous high blood pressure is an invitation to high risk for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and chronic kidney failure as well. The treatment for hypertension, largely involves the patient of hypertension to exercise regularly, reduced sodium intake, having enough potassium (potassium rich fruits- bananas, sweet potato, oranges, salmon, and apricots), cessation of smoking or intake of alcohol and increase in the consumption of Vitamin c rich food.

For people who are prone to hypotension, which leads to lack of blood flow and oxygen to the organs of the body can be disastrous too. Sometimes, the person may end up feeling dizzy, light-headed, blurry vision and to an extremity of even going into shock. To remedy the situation of hypotension, one must drink lots of water and observe abstinence from alcohol, eat small low carb meals, have healthy diet and exercise regularly. The doctors and healthcare service providers recommend a thorough regular checkup of those who are suffering from hypertension or hypotension, along with the adoption of healthy lifestyle. An ardent follow up of these suggestions can only help one to overcome the onset of difficulty and will also let the other members of your family to work on it and live carefree. It has become essential to adopt a proper healthy lifestyle to overcome these lifestyle diseases and live to the fullest.