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Dixit Sood

Founder & CEO

Blood donation is one of a divine karma not everyone is able to do. With development in medicine technology, more and more requirement of blood to handle complex and simple situations in medical science has aroused almost too 3 times what it used to be before industrial revolution.

Being a universal donor myself, I always was an active participant in such activities which helps in "banking blood" from my college days. Once life took the professional turn, saw few very troublesome moments where near and dear one and unknown were not able to find "banked blood". I came with this unique thought, why to bank it if I can find some ready at that very moment?

This spark helped me creating Arthaay foundations which started my dream project Donor2Donor. I always admired technology and its increasing involvement in our life. A generation X member who have seen calculator to Wi-Fi to docking game stations to play store and so on.. From telegrams to Facebook and face time, its all happening and I decided lets hit the pain area with technology. We created an application donor2donor with sole purpose of reducing pressure on banking blood and save resources with. This application can help find a matching blood donor within 50 Kms of your area of need on just "one click" that too on your same "smart phone" on any internet network 2g/3g/4g/Wi-Fi any of them. The application is FREE to download, contacting a donor or receiver is FREE, blood donation is FREE. The entire setup will cost you few extra MS of a data plan that much cheaper to save a precious life.

We have been working very hard on this concept and now we have a user base which has started calling it "zindagi wala app" (an app life depends on). User can be anyone 18-60 and willing to donate blood and best part in case you are on the receiving end for self or dear ones, its again free.

I wish people should start taking such conveniences seriously and adopt them on same level as they are indulge in other social options, saving an unknown is the best social activity you must do once a while, and the best part all you need is the same "smartphone".

Dixit Sood, welcome you to the world of D2D, a world of 'E' blood donors that will ensure we create more options of hope in case of need.

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