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Meditation : A gateway to healthy mind & body

Free living is what everyone desires for- the living full of potential, brimming with good health, good relationships and few trusted friends and folks to vouch for, that’s what is expected when you are to reply to the Old uncle and aunt’s intriguing question of ‘How you want to live?’, but at the tender age in your 20s (everyone knows it’s tender but no one is prepared to accept it!) your head is already clouded with multiple demands of your college life and expectations that you are to fulfill in next few years of your academic period. And you start to feel, there is no way out of this humdrum of life.

To bring oneself at ease with the ever-increasing stress of academics, work life or family troubles, few choose to overcome the bewildering stress by indulging in recreational activities and few succumbs to the pressure- choosing alcohol and drug abuse, falls for depression, inflicts pain on themselves as well as let the people who cares for them suffer. Soon, such incessant suffering turns into a demon trying to take over you and your senses, making you feel “You are not good enough!”, “You are responsible for other’s loss!” or “You are weakling in your family, peer group or workplace!”, these belittling thoughts breed on the past events or future courses that your life may take, keeping you webbed in its claws. Often, the take over of this demon turns out to be the hostile episode, leaving the host with no choice other than to end his/her life.

Meditation doesn’t mean that one has to sit in a defined posture while strictly adhering to certain rules of the place, time or routine. It’s simply a state to observe the breathing and to be in a moment. It brings stillness to your mind and peace to your inner being. Our scriptures, gurus and spiritual leaders all over the world speak about the significance of meditation and what it is capable of. It enables us to embrace our true nature and aid in shunning those daunting voices of mind. Even, in various studies conducted by many institutes around the world, they have arrived to the conclusion of the remedial effects meditation has on our mind and body, altogether. To mention the result of one of the study of a pioneer institute of the world i.e. Harvard University’s researcher after conducting research for 8 weeks drew conclusion that meditation rebuilds the brains grey matter in the stipulated period of 8 weeks, in addition to other benefits that occurs in the body. Though, it might seem little difficult initially but steadily one can feel it growing over himself/herself, once you have find the inner peace and the stillness in mind. Nothing can save one in this lifetime, unless one looks inside and finds the answer from within and to say, it’s a call from high above rather a call from within. So meditate and the nature will nourish you from inside and outside.