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Donate Blood and Become a Hero

All of us must have heard about various blood organizations and blood donation camps. Have you ever heard the name live blood donor? Live blood donors can be your neighbour and within your reach and you can meet such donors directly without any hassle. Here I am encouraging eligible blood donors to come forward as donating blood not only just a life saver for someone but there are several personal and health benefits that donors get from blood donation. Read on to know more about them.

Free Medical Check Up:

Blood donor must be healthy so before donating, they are asked for a brief health history. It gives you a chance to get a free mini medical check up and find out your pulse rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and HB levels. A healthy donor can donate blood after every 56 days and it gives to access to get a free physical examination six times in a year. Donating blood is one of the safest ways to lose weight as it burns 650 calories every time you donate.

Lowers Risk of cancer:

Regular blood donation leads to fall in the chances of cancer risks including liver, colon, throat and abdomen. The level of risk depends on the frequency of blood donation.So, better to roll up your sleeves and become a donor and save yourself from the risk of fatal diseases.

Lowers Chances of Heart Attack:

Several physicians have noted that regular blood donation reduces the chances of heart attack. It helps to improve the overall health of your cardiovascular system.Although, it lacks any conclusive evidence yet blood donation has heart protecting benefits as donating prevents thickening of blood. When any individual donates blood then the blood passes through a process known as hemodilution and makes your blood thinner. The process is somewhat similar to what females undergo while menstruating and this explains as why pre-menopausal women have rare chances of heart attacks.

Blood Replenishment:

Many of us hold the misconception that after donating blood, we would lose so much blood that it might be unhealthy for our own body. But we should stay away from such myths as when we give a pint of blood, the mechanism of our body start to replenish the lost blood immediately and helps in the more efficient functioning of all the body systems. It’s all because of the fact that once you give blood, you get rid of the old red blood cells and the production of new red blood cells takes place. The new cells are more efficient to carry oxygen throughout our body. Within four days, our body replaces the whole volume of blood and new red blood cells replace the old ones. The complete replenishment of blood makes our body healthy.

Become a hero and donate more if you’re a Universal donor

All the universal donors should donate generously as only 7% of the population has either O- or O+ type of blood. They should understand the fact you can give life to several others. The best things in human life come for free and so as blood donation. Become a live blood donor and save lives in million’s way as a pint of blood can be used in surgeries, accidents, in times of war and natural disasters, and to treat fatal diseases like that of kidney or liver and cancer.