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Know more about world blood donor day

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th of June every year globally. This day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner on 14th June in the year 1868. Karl Landsteiner was a great scientist and a Noble Prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system The celebration of this event begin in the year 2004 with primary aim to make people aware on the need of safe and voluntary blood donation by healthy people. Blood donors are the prime players on this day as they donate to give gift of life to people fighting with death.

The first initiative to celebrate was taken on this day in the year 2004 by World Health Organization, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. World Blood Donor Day was established by WHO with 192 members in May, 2005 at 58th World Health Assembly. The main purpose was to inspire all countries to take initiative to appreciate all the blood donors for their kind support and to promote voluntary blood donation. Such steps and increased awareness helps to ensure adequate blood supply.

The celebration of World Blood Donor day gives an excellent opportunity to all the donors and healthcare organizations to celebrate it on global level and to pay homage to the great discoverer Karl Landsteiner on his birthday.

World Blood Donor day is celebrated to encourage people to strengthen the emergency needs of the health services in their community by voluntary blood donation. This campaign engage authorities all over the world to establish an effective blood donor programmes and save millions of lives every year bringing smile on the face of blood receiver. It helps to promote the blood transfusion services and help patients suffering from life-threatening medical conditions and give them longer and healthy life. It also aims to make people aware on need of blood transfusion and the importance of safe blood donation globally. As a part of celebration, various programs and activities are organised at international and national level.