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Junkyard in your Belly

‘You are what you eat!’ has probably become true in the present affairs of life. To people who love food or live to eat or also some of those, who eat to live, the best choice of food in the designed busy schedules comes on to the fast food a.k.a junk food. Ready to eat food has been often termed as a blessing in disguise to both the genders and a much sought relief to office going women and sometimes, for the tired homemaker. Since the arrival of the junk food, it has more or less became part of our daily routine. Whatever be the meal of the day, junk finds its way to our diet.

Junk food or fast food are largely known as the food which are fast to prepare and have been commonly categorized as being rich in carbohydrates, sugar, salt (sodium), devoid of any nutritious value, just serving to curb our hunger or thirst, as it arises. Everyday a new outlet is opened or a new processed food product is launched in the market wooing us to purchase them. The market chains of junk food suppliers have increased manifold and the instant online food ordering has made it all the more easy for any age group, to order food online.

The take out junk food, once in a while might not be a problem, but it becomes a serious threat to one’s health, if taken regularly. Junk food has become a common concern for the alarming rise in obesity, heart diseases, mental health, diabetes, kidney dysfunction and cancer, as well. These diseases have struck individuals, irrespective of their ages and are undergoing treatments to recover from these but are now bound to restrictions which they are to follow all along their lives.

Junk food contains higher number of calories (large portions of carbohydrates, trans-fats, sugar, and salt) than the normal human body requires and gradually builds imbalance in the body when the intake of these calories are not metabolized by the body. The non-assimilation of these calories further causes multiple changes in our body and the internal organs burdened with the extra calories, leads to the slowing down of their functionality and eventually, starts to worn out. To not let such hard times to fall upon anyone, it is necessary to make changes in the food habits and to gradually, get the fast food out of the system. People often hold wrong perception of filling the belly with whatever they get, when hunger strikes and this notion needs a change, a change for healthy diet and of using discretion at times like these. Including fruits, vegetables and cereals in your diet will be the most efficient and healthy diet, one can have to avoid any kind of illnesses. Proper food and indulgence in physical activities or exercises work as panacea to live long healthy life.

Junk food must be avoided at any cost and healthy preferences are to be looked at, as it is essential to live hearty and healthy. Though, they may taste good or they may be fast to prepare but at last they may harm you the most while dropping the vital part of your life to the minimal low point of dependency and hence, imbalanced mental health. Every small step towards healthy diet will shower upon you the rich wealth of health, and remember the bell of illness can strike at any time, the only thing which can not let that happen, will be a better choice, a good discretion.