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Eating Healthy - A tool to ace your health.

Right things happen at the right time but it may not go right with the food. Many people can be found talking about eating right in this age, otherwise, the consequence of not doing the same may be borne by you in your later years. To add on to this agony, you can also consult your relatives and if you haven’t got much qualms about your health, then they will get you straight while, talking at you and pushing you insufferably to believe yourself to be a midget who sustained on Maggi (it doesn’t taste the same; the lead content was probably the tastier content) which took over your system and any kind of health related issue that may arise today or tomorrow will definitely be worded inconsolably, pointing towards your fault.

Individuals who fall ill often are misunderstood, misjudged and have to go through endless remarks (often turns out to be the ugly head of mental torture) from family, colleagues, peers at schools or colleges, who do not intend to harm them but the less of empathy in them, aggravates the situation. Indeed, a person can fall ill and it’s natural if we look at the broader picture that our organs function all day and in deficiency of some or the other essentials in our diet, the toll of our frequent visits to hospital along with the medical bills will keep rising. Often times, I find myself caught in this conundrum. The growing inefficiency of my stomach must end but to achieve this end, as most people say I must have lots of water and exercise for few minutes, which one might tend to ignore but this free advice is - a jackpot, to my relief.

A regular balanced diet and proportionate water intake can cure many problems. The diet which includes proper intake of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, dairy products and good intake of drinking water will work wonders on the body and as everybody knows - a healthy body is home to a healthy mind. It protects the body from many lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, strokes, obesity, hypertension etc.

These diseases and all sorts of other kinds can be avoided if we include fruits and vegetables in our diet, at least 400g per day i.e. 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Usually, the fruit basket which we are very fond of or one can say, we often go for are as follows with their briefed advantages. The basket includes Pomegranate (good for cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of cancer, improves memory, combats anemia), Apple (improves neurological health, tames bad cholesterol, fights against obesity as well as cancer, combats hypertension), Banana (helps in digestion, rich in fiber content making it a right choice for maintaining heart health, filled with essential nutrients, combats anemia), Papaya (aids in digestion, good for skin, anti-inflammatory, rich in anti-oxidants, an immunity booster), Oranges (rich source of Vitamin C prevents ageing of skin, helps in maintaining healthy eyes, aids in brain development, prevents cancer), Grapes (prevents heart diseases, combats cancer, lower the risks of blood clots), Berries (rich in antioxidants, combats cancer, lower levels of bad cholesterol, anti-aging properties), Watermelon ( prevents asthma, maintains blood pressure, keeps hydrated, aids in digestion, gives younger looking skin), Pineapples ( prevents obesity, maintains blood pressure, combats diabetes, aids in digestion, excellent source of anti-oxidants keeps skin and hair healthy), which are to be consumed proportionately on the daily basis. Each fruit is packed with multiple sources of vitamins and minerals, capable of preventing any kind of harm to our body, if taken regularly; leaving us healthy and younger looking which every one of us wants in our lifetime.

As for vegetables, the story is different, we usually don’t go for any favorites because majority of young folks even don’t want to look at them and it’s mostly an ordeal at the dinner table for many. But, one can count on vegetables to combat many troubles of our lifestyle diseases; these vegetables are home to various vitamins, minerals, are rich in fiber content and have properties to fight cancerous or tumorous cells. Few of these vegetables have commonly become part of the dining and some of the wonder veggies are delightfully served on our plates like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, peas, capsicum, bitter gourd, brinjal (eggplant), bottle gourd, green bean, lettuce, mushroom, bell pepper, pumpkin, potato and many others, the powerhouses of energy and vitality for our health.

In our day-to-day life, the realization is dawning upon everyone and is popularly gaining followers from every age group to take one step forward for healthy living, incorporating the principles of eating healthy along with regular exercise and turning the lives into- a powerhouse of positivity, free from diseases, ailments and worries. Let’s call for Vive La Humanite! And walk ahead with an awakening to adopt healthy lifestyle that may include proper food and water intake, accompanied by daily exercise or any kind of physical activity giving our body enough energy to activate our body system to metabolize efficiently.