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Blood donation: Understanding common concerns

Blood donation has several myths associated with it as many people hold the misconception about it. All this makes it essential to clear and resolve these myths so that people donate more and more blood and demand of it can be met easily.

One of the major concerns of few people relates to the arm bruising where needle is being inserted. A study shows that less than 1% Indian blood donor’s face this problem still people hesitate to donate blood. The possible reason of bruises can be untrained medical trainees. Some other uncommon complications can be irritation in the nerves, arterial puncture, allergic reactions, delayed bleeding, tendon or nerve injury.

Some of the donors react to sodium citrate used in the procedure of aphaeresis blood collection. In this type of donating blood, only the plasma or platelets can be donated. In rare cases, it leads to hypocalcaemia due to calcium binding as anticoagulant is returned along with the blood components to the donor. Such reactions might leads to hypertension, sensation in lips and convulsions or seizure. Taking calcium supplements and following other precautions given on blood donor’s website helps to minimize such side effects.

In the procedure of apheresis, the red blood cells are returned to the blood donor. If the process of aphaeresis is done manually then it has chances of transfusion reaction. But now manual aphaeresis is a rare phenomena and automated procedures are used for blood donation and the whole blood donation is considered as safe due to no return of any components back to the donor.

Another risk of blood donors is the lack of sterilization of equipments. When the blood comes in contact with the equipment, it can be contaminated due to re-use of equipment. But with increased awareness, no such thing happens and all Indian blood donors can donate safely.

People should understand that blood donation has very rare complications and should try to resolve any doubts and step ahead to this noble act of blood donation. The lack of blood donors are due to lack of awareness among them. We feel shy from a thing that doesn’t affect us rather helps to save lives. These days, blood donation requires no efforts and we have to just fill in our details on any blood donor’s website. Such websites ensure your privacy. With the technological advancement, you can also donate blood through app. Blood donation app for android and ios users can be downloaded from the app store and you can help people in need with just a pint of your blood.

A single unit of blood saves at least 4 lives as when the blood is collected then it is processed into different components like red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. So, every human being should understand the need of blood and become a volunteer for blood donation.

Here, the author shows the other side of the blood donation and make you understand that with minimum care and precautions, the entire blood donation process is safe. So, let’s take a step and contribute to our society for this noble cause.