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Blood donation being now e-blood donation

The aim of this platform Donor2Donor is to encourage voluntary blood donation spread awareness among the people to donate them, which is helpful for the needy. Our team shall try to arrange for donors or the required blood group, however, does not take any sort of guarantee of assurance of providing donors. Our team members are experts in the field of arranging donors and shall give in full efforts to handle the request effectively. The details of the donors will be shared with the requester once the is able to arrange for a donor.

Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life! So we request you to donate blood as it is the finest gesture one can make.

Without giving any personal details Donors can register this Mobile Application. Whenever there would be any requirement for Blood, Nearest Needy person will search from Mobile App

We never let the hope die Founder and CEO of Donor2Donor Mr. Dixit Sood, an entrepreneur from Chandigarh, Developed an intellectual Mobile app to Bring Donors and Receivers (needy people) on same platform. Recently we have launched a mobile application "Donor2Donor", it’s a unique and innovative Idea, to bring Donors and Receiver on same platform and increase the count of Blood donors. Patient in need will get the blood donor near to his/her place. (No need to rush here and there for seeking this life saving fluid). Receiver can approach the donor through chat Message no personal details will be disclosed.

This app would also help to fight with Shortage of Blood and many lives can be saved by live blood donors. This Mobile application is certainly going to help the society with the fulfillment of shortage of Blood. Count of Donors will be increased.

This app is developed after a deep study on requirement of Blood and how Government and NGO are working to fulfill these requirements. It is a user friendly application and we tried to make it more compatible with ground level functioning. We believe that Shortage of Blood can be fulfilled, if all social worker would be on same platform.

Globally, countries like USA, Zimbabwe, and the Republic of Moldova have reported more blood donations from women than man. 71 per cent of blood donors in Moldova were women. In US, women donors contributed 50.1 per cent of the total donors. Whereas only 6 per cent of women in India donated blood, Our Major focus is to connect Indian women with this app.

In India there are 220mn users of Smartphone and majority is youth, as per recent statistics, in India, people in the age group of 18-24 years donated the most amount of blood of around 53%.Those in the age group of 25-44 years made 29% of the donations. Around 19% of the donations were made by those aged 45-65 only. We are seeking support from Govt. also, so “Donor2Donor” can be publicized more effectively.