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About Donor2Donor

Every step taken forward to bring an end to the problems faced by human has always been celebrated in the history as well as in the present. With this backdrop, Arthaay Foundation has come up with its own insight to do their part and offer the society their services for all they have taken to evolve- as individuals and as an NGO, by launching an initiative with the name DONOR2DONOR, founded by Mr. Dixit Sood and executed through their team, sharing the sole objective of securing the platform to meet the demands of the crucial times aiding both- the blood donor and the blood done.

The whole initiative is focused to bring together the donor and the donee and to alleviate the problems of non-availability of blood or insufficient supply of the desired blood group during critical times as faced by many people, from time to time. We have worked to bridge the gap between healthcare and the technology by driving technology on our own terms. Building on our D2D-Zindagi Wala App to promote the accessibility of blood to the wanting patients, we have displayed our commitment to healthcare and the betterment of society.

Mission and Values

Mission: The Journey we have chosen to tread upon is not to accommodate our interests but we find ourselves entrusted with the responsibility to bring an end to the problem of the scarcity of blood availability to the needy ones. The growing menace owing to the non-availability of blood has taken a bad shape leading to the emergence of Paid donors or replacement donors which was banned by the Supreme Court ruling but is still in vogue; black marketing in the collection and supply of blood also has led to the rise in crimes of kidnapping, killing for the sake of making money out of the helplessness of the other fellow being. These grave problems are to be put to an end.

With our initiatives, we are striving hard to work in the direction with the dual purpose of serving as a channel between the blood donor and blood donee and to curb the menace following the scarcity of blood availability. In our initiative, we have brought together many people and organizations in loop with us who share the same vision as we do. To name few of them, the great personality Medicine Baba finds our first mention, whose toil for saving people was set in the period where technology wasn’t easy to access and his sincere effort helped many. His recognition of our effort means a lot to us. Followed by, we are linking with various NGOs like Udham Emergency Blood Donation, Serve Humanity Serve God, Almighty Blessing, Karamyog, India Blood, blood banks, hospitals and many more, who are involved in the blood donation and mass movements related to awareness of blood donation to reach out to the masses at large. Our effort is not only restricted to provide an application to let the voluntary blood donation to occur easily but is also extended to spread awareness among the public so as to increase the count of donors. It’s a non-profiteering initiative with no motive to cash on it but rather to show – we care for every precious life on earth.

Vision: We have set to sail on the vast ocean of possibilities to bring the change which might sound or can be seen by people to be a farce reality but with the consistent effort of our Organization, we will realize our dream for better healthy India and no life will go waste due to the shortage or non-availability of blood. Confirming to the guidelines of World Health Organization as well as objectives of the National Blood Policy of India, our organization has taken essential steps while building D2D application to manifest the objective of providing resources to meet the growing demand of the blood and to curb the menace created by the paid donors and to unload the burden thrown on the blood banks. We are striving hard in the direction to make it easy for all.