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A Cellular Remedy to the Fatal Diseases

Cells, in common parlance, are known to be the building block of life. And there is no denial of this fact. But while, humans are busy in creating numerous moments of success, strolling through the ephemeral advances of life; up keeping with the health and needs of the body as well as mind goes unnoticed. It leads to the causal relationship of health and illnesses, which becomes a low point of life gripping one with the fear of dependency and near end. In the face of affliction of tough diseases on your body like cancer of varying types, tumors, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer, spinal cord injury, heart disease, which sometimes, prove to be fatal and hard for recovery requires a permanent remedy. Thus, a need was felt in the medical world to develop a significant cure from these fatalities and free the human from continuous suffering.

The significant discovery of Stem cells swept the medical world off the floor. Stem cells find its traces way back in mid-1800s making a breakthrough since then, up till now. Stem cells can be taken from variety of sources from the human body like bone marrow, liver, skin, umbilical cord blood, cardiac cells etc. and have been considered to be capable of being used for repairing and replacing the damaged tissues in the human body. The stem cells derived from different parts of body are used differently to treat the diseases inflicting the specific organs, for instance, the stem cells taken from liver will be used to treat the disease or ailment of the liver, as often being known as adult stem cells. These adult stem cells are drawn into light for their regenerative attribute which may regenerate the damaged organs or tissues (the research continues). The stem cell therapy which has lately been caught in the controversy as to be ethical or not for carrying out further research is embryonic stem cells, which are to be derived from the human embryonic cell. Although, immense research on the stem cells is still going on, but primarily it has made a hopeful turn of events, by unlocking it’s potential to aid the human out of sufferings.

Recently, a surge is found in the banking of umbilical cord blood among the new parents, who at the time of the birth of the child stores and saves the child’s umbilical chord blood. It is claimed to be the great source of stem cells, which will help the child in the need of time in the later stages of life and thus, has become a preferred choice of many parents to save and store the umbilical cord blood stem cells in the stem cell banking. These stem cells and their therapies are bestowed with a promising result and every day a new progress is made to fight against the danger of deadly diseases. With more efforts and successes in the findings of the stem cells, the chances of the fatality will also lessen, bringing a sigh of relief to the mankind and better healthy future to us all (if only these therapies be available to all, equally).