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Welcome to Donor2Donor

Arthaay Foundation created DONOR2DONOR only to ensure technology is used to its best to serve mankind. It is a state of the art collaboration for a noble cause "blood donation" with technology. Under this initiative, the technology will be used to find a blood savior for required blood type within 50 kilometers of current location. This not only be addressing the emergency but this will also help to reduce the cost of maintenance and application to bank blood which can only be used for 50 days.

DONOR2DONOR is a mobile application available on Google Play Store and Apple App store for free download. It’s a NON PROFIT activity purely done to serve and fulfill one task of tackling maximum emergency situations with minimum infrastructure involved.

  • 5cr

    5 Crore Units

    India need 5 Crore Units on annual basis for varoius purposes.

  • 50%

    50% Available

    Only 50% of blood requirement is met. D2D aims to reduce the pressure of banking blood and save billions.

  • 38k

    38,000 Units

    India needs 38,000 units daily, D2D projects to reach 1 Million live blood donors in 24 months.

  • 7%


    Annual increase in blood requirement for varoius medical requiremnets.


Zindagi wala app

Our finest offering to run this initiative successfully is D2D –Zindagi Wala App, a smartphone application, which runs primarily to find a blood contributor with the desired hemoglobin group type within the periphery of 50 Kms from the current location of the donee adhering to the World Health Organization (WHO) blood transfusion guidelines as well as National Blood Policy of India.

This application has been devised keeping in mind the utility it will serve for being user-friendly, easily accessible and foremost, to connect people from each gender and age group (above 18 years) to voluntarily participate in saving the life via. blood contribution and to not only meet the national demands of our country but is making large in all other countries as well. We are not just seeking a national coverage but it is going to extend to the globe and help citizens globally. . Through this application, a portal is created where the blood donee or the needy one can reach out to the blood donor through Donor’s ID and ensures the privacy of the donor so no personal details will be disclosed. With our noble vision and fuller dedication, we are engaged to spread awareness about the insufficient supply and non-availability of the blood to the needy ones.

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We have been engaging masses to understand the value of life and be responsible when it comes to save one. Watch the video to understand more and how we are changing the mind set about the same.









Our corporate legacy

We have always taken pride in our culture. There are some core values that have been inherent and are an integral part of our story.

Mission Statement

Mission: Arthaay's sole objective is to create sustainable solutions that gives control of bigger projects in hands of end user. This ensures great awareness, volunteer participation and positive results. Enabling people to participates in bits as when collated it shows effective outcomes in a shorter time

Vision: Be the first trendsetter in NGO sector in giving edge to technological solutions on micro level that impact masses with life changing results.


I appreciate D2D service because it is an exceptionally unique step to reach out to people who are in dire need of blood. This initiative will definitely make all of us to look at blood donation from a new perspective and inspire everyone to contribute towards this noble deed.

What people say about us

D2D is a wonderful initiative , a true service for humanity promoting camaraderie among all of us . I hope millions join this selfless initiative


Amit Sharma


Looking at the problem of availability of blood at times of need , donor to Donor comes as a fresh stream of life to someone in need . I congratulate the team behind donor 2 Donor for bringing about the change in the way people look at blood donation. It's no longer a duty, but now it's a matter of pride .
All the best team D2D.


Sunil Kataria

As per my own opinion this is an excellent way to help people without any inconvenience. Such an idea has not been developed till yet as per my knowledge.
It leads to help in social uplifting of general public who find themselves alone in the time of emergency


Naveen Puri

I am speechless to say about donor2donor. I always thought when i tried to donate blood that will it be donated to right one. But now when i donate blood through d2d . It gives me inner satisfaction that Yes we are doing for someone. I am personally very thankful to d2d to start such innovative charity work. I will always pray and support D2D.


Gagandeep Singh


Not only a feel good app but it gives a sense of achievement after one has saved someone else' life. Brilliant idea


Raj Maharia

Financial Advisor

Blood donation is the best way to heal and ensure good health to some body in need.Organizing a drive needs compassion,organizing skills,leadership qualities and above all an attitude of giving.
This App...D2D is the best App providing location of the user. My good wishes for this noble endeavor.


Chaman Preet Sood


One of the world's most noble cause and a great contribution to mankind. Great going D2D. I'm sure you will be a pioneer In helping every individual in getting the most valuable life saving support in their dire need. Well thought Dixit.


Abhay Dewan

Yes Bank

Congratulations D2D team you all are doing great job ... being a part of D2D as a live blood donor i feel so proud because its a noble cause and i will always be there if any need arises of blood .. I will share this app amongst my friends as much as i can Thanks to my friend Kavita for suggesting me to join D2D


Rohit Gurung

l have all admiration for D2D service due to its humane approach. Nothing can be more beneficial for a person than to get the rare and priceless gift---Blood.I salute the conceivers of this plan for their out of the box thinking for making the masses step out of their self-centered lives and do something for their fellow brothers and sisters.
I send my best wishes for D2D's grand success.


Harsh Dhall


Donor2Donor is one of the best initiatives of our time. There's not many who take up blood donation seriously whereas the fact is that it is one of the main reasons to stop unwanted deaths. D2D is an easy and safe way to donate blood and aid in saving a life. Such a well organised and managed process of donating blood . I think it is the best way to donate blood and each and every individual capable of donating blood should come forward and show their support towards such a noble cause.


Mankirat Singh

Professional Horse Rider

D2D make us join hands to "donate blood to save a life .... " You can also be part of the group to "give the gift of life .... Donate blood ... Bring a life back to power "


Supriya Kataria

Our Culture